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Our services range from the development of the overall design concept to the final design and implementation of soft and hard landscaping, which includes choosing the right plants, laying lawns and pathways as well as installing irrigation systems and providing maintenance.



At TWAM, we can incorporate hardscaping and lighting into your existing landscape design or create an entirely new landscape design for our Client that includes a variety of hardscaping and outdoor lighting elements. Hardscaping refers to the design and installation of non-living features, including yard paving retaining walls, water features, walkways, retaining walls, and more. Hardscaping can impact landscaping or backyard design, improve drainage, prevent erosion, and help you make use of every part of your property. Outdoor lighting makes it possible for you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces in the evenings and can improve safety by lighting walkways, driveways, and patios.

Our hardscaping design and installation services:

Hardscape elements such as patios, pergolas, arbours, pathways, benches, and ponds can create outdoor living spaces for enjoyment and entertainment. The Landscape Company can help you with many different types of hardscape elements that you can incorporate into your new or existing landscape design.

A paver patio will provide an attractive factor and low maintenance to your upscale outdoor living area instead of a simple concrete patio. Walkways, pathways, stairways, and terraces can help you get the most use from every part of your property. Decorative elements such as pergolas, sitting walls, benches, and water features will add style and serenity to any landscape. Any of these features is ideal for entertaining friends and family.

  • Hardscaping elements

    With our hardscaping services, we can design and install a variety of unique hardscapes and hardscaping elements:

    • Retaining walls
    • Patios
    • Artificial grass
    • Pergolas and arbores
    • Fencing
    • Walkways, pathways, and sidewalks
    • Sitting walls and benches
    • Custom fireplaces or firepits
    • Paver patios
    • Ponds, fountains, and water features
    • Terraces and stairways

Hardscaping materials

As experienced landscape designers, we can work with a variety of types of materials when designing and creating hardscaping. This includes concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, brick, or natural stone. Each of these materials offers a different style and aesthetic look. Depending on your own personal preference and budget constraints, we can help you determine which materials are best for your hardscaping, walkway, retaining wall, and patio design project.


Hardscaping with Pavers

One of the most popular materials for creating hardscaping elements and features including walkways and patios is pavers. Stone pavers are man-made stones that are designed to fit or inter-lock together. These can be used to create a variety of styles and designs. At TWAM Agriculture, we have experience working with pavers to create patios of all shapes and sizes.


Retaining Walls: Professional Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining walls can be used to add design, aesthetic appeal, drainage or erosion control, and function to a landscaping design. There are a variety of types of retaining walls available including natural stone and interlocking block retaining walls. Each of these different materials is available in a wide variety of colors and will add a different style to your overall landscaping design. We can build retaining walls of all styles and sizes.


Retaining Wall Uses:

Retaining walls can be designed for a structural, drainage control, or aesthetic purposes. For example, stone retaining walls can enhance a garden bed or highlight a specific area within your yard. They can be used to add several levels or dimensions within your landscape in order to add interest and take advantage of more space in a sloping or uneven yard.

Additionally, retaining walls also serve an important role in controlling rainwater drainage and preventing erosion. Finally, retaining walls can even be used to add aesthetic appeal or function to a landscaping or hardscaping design. For example, a retaining wall can be used to add additional seating to a space by creating a natural bench along a patio or near a built-in fireplace.   


Play Ground Equipment

Twam Agriculture works with Landscape Architects to create a playground that complements the natural landscape and brings your vision to life. Our playground and fitness works are innovative, fun and modular. They are easily integrated with your project and provide play and activity areas that blend with the landscape you design.

All of our playgrounds, activities, site furnishings and amenities are constructed from the highest quality materials and are backed by the industry’s best warranty and customer service. Together, we help parks, schools, early learning centers and other organizations enrich childhood through play.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to playgrounds, our artists, designers and engineers work with you to create custom, themed plays capes.

Twam Agriculture provides CAD files, renderings, elevations and installation details for all of our products. We have landscape architects on staff who can help you select the right playground equipment for your project and prepare presentation-ready materials to include with your proposal.

Our years of experience in Playground Equipment affords our customers the Knowledge that we have the expertise and ability to execute the work cost effective, high quality standard or bespoke designs as required.


Our Playground Equipment Elements include

With our Playground Equipment services, we can design and install a variety of unique Playground and Playground equipment elements:

  • Climber Sticks
  • Adventure Trails
  • Fitness Stations 4). Play in Motions 5). Tower Units
  • Play Frames
  • Sleeper Products
  • Tri-Play Challenge
  • Shelters
  • Seating and Planters 11). Peeled Products
  • Tree Trunks
  • Teenage
  • Steel Multiply

Children Outdoor Playground

Children outdoor playground includes many series as Primeval Forest Series, Fairy-tale castle Series, Nature Series, Fruit Series, Old Castle Series, and Sunlight Series and so on, which committed to create a better childhood for children.

Rope Course Equipment

The rope course development equipment combines the children body training and fitness games together to develop children's intelligence and mental. The games including the climbing net, fitness items and other different games.




TWAM Agriculture has a commercial landscaping division and a domestic team which between them can cover any situation, however large or small.

In house we have specialist staff and the most up to date equipment.

Coupled with our extensive nursery and material supply business we have the tools and materials to respond quickly and economically.

We try to offer the "complete package" when it comes to landscaping work − consequently we do provide arboriculture services, including reports/advice if required.

Felling work, pruning, stump grinding and all associated works are carried out by fully insured operatives, working to specific method statements/risk assessments producing work.

Tree Planting

Trees are our specialty and many projects now require large specimens that give a new scheme instant maturity and presence. Knowing where to find good quality trees and indeed being able to inspect and tag trees for specific projects is something we have been doing for many years. It is this experience that we can bring to your project.

Knowledge of specialist tree soils, underground anchoring systems, root barriers, unique irrigation methods and structures to alleviate soil compaction are all things that we deal with on a regular basis. We can also advise at what stage of the construction process it is best to implement above measures. This is very important and can be critical for a trees long term survival


Top Soiling

The essential ingredient to any quality, sustainable landscaping scheme is the medium on which it is grown. Sounds common sense but its fact this is often

Overlooked when trying to cut corners to supposedly save money. How often have we seen the most wonderful, expensive plants being purchased/sourced only to turn up on site and faced with a shallow infertile soil. We will liaise at the outset of any scheme and champion the use of good quality soils, correct preparation of sub-soil below and adequate depths of topsoil.

Our people are conversant with soil handling techniques, understand the formation of a correct "soil horizon" and furthermore know where to source (and get tested if need be) good quality soils and loams for all applications.


Shrub Planting

We have our own nursery site in Working from which we are able to contract grow a large quantity of plants for each season. Coupled with this, we have an extensive network of nurseries with which we trade stock, so we will always be able to find what you need.

Our partnering arrangements stretch to overseas nurseries and we regularly take delivery from plant providers all over UAE via articulated lorries which can delivery direct to site.

Having a 5-acre Farm also gives us the facility to store plants in preparation for use on your site. This gives us an edge over many of our competitors as we can deliver in at short notice to meet your programmer requirements.



The vast volume that we use ensures that stock is always fresh. We have a unique arrangement with our suppliers whereby turf can be delivered direct from the fields, freshly cut and on our sites within 24 hours.

The secret to a successful lawn is in the preparation. Ground needs to be cultivated to ensure air and moisture can penetrate below and a tilt needs to be formed so that accurate levelling can occur.




Landscape lighting can add value to your overall landscape while increasing safety and security and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space well into the night. At TWAM Agriculture, we can design and install new landscape lighting to accentuate a new or existing landscape design. We can also service and maintenance your existing lighting by replacing bulbs and repairing lights in order to keep your lighting working properly


  At TWAM Agriculture, we specialize in providing landscape lighting

Services for commercial and residential customers in UAE. We can install complete landscape designs, which integrate a variety of types and styles of landscape lighting. We can work with low voltage lighting products including 12 volt lighting, incandescent lighting, and LED lighting. We can also service and maintain your existing landscape lighting as well.

With our complete landscape lighting services, we can meet any of your landscape and outdoor lighting needs. Our services include:

Lighting Installation:

We can install a variety of types of landscape lighting throughout your landscape including incandescent and LED lights. 

With our professional lighting installation services, you can be sure that your lighting will work properly and reliably.

Lighting Maintenance:

We offer landscape lighting maintenance services for all major brands and styles of landscape lighting. As part of our landscape lighting maintenance services

Benefits of Landscape Lighting:

Incorporating landscape lighting into your landscaping design offers a number of benefits. These include:

Increased Security:

Applying lighting strategically around your home or building will illuminate dark corners and shadowed areas. This increases security around your property.

Enhanced Style and Aesthetic Appeal:

Lighting can be used to highlight certain architectural features of your Home or other elements in your landscaping. Incorporating landscaping lighting throughout your landscaping, will add drama and enhance the look of your Landscaping in the evening and night hours.

Increased Usability:

Adding lighting around a patio, pool, hot tub, grill, deck, or outdoor kitchen, will illuminate the space. This will allow you to easily use your outdoor spaces into the evening and night hours,

Improved Safety:

Poorly lit walkways, patios, and decks can be dangerous for you and your guests. We can add landscape lighting that will illuminate walkways and other commonly travelled areas in order to prevent injuries and accidents.



At Twam Agriculture we are able to design, install and maintain the irrigation and drainage systems required for public gardens, parks, professional horticulture and sports including golf courses. We offer the complete irrigation service to the garden center industries from design & supply to installation and servicing. We supply and install complete systems, TWAM offer a high standard of products and source these from worldwide major manufactures giving our customers the most modern and efficient irrigation available, with highly efficient and environmental friendly irrigation systems to all applications within the horticultural industries

Water storage from galvanized steel tanks to plastic one peace molded units to lined reservoirs. A full range of pumping and filtration solutions complete with controls Automated Irrigation controllers from multi wire to two wire systems, weather, rain or light sensors.

Distributing water in Pipe work and Fittings supplied in PVC, HDPE, LDPE or Galvanized

Solenoid valves with a range of thread sizes and coils.

High efficient Sprinklers for covered and outside areas with a large range of droplet sizes, uniformity, distances and precipitation rates offering an even distribution

Drip irrigation systems tailored to each individual’s requirements either supplied pre-assemble or individual units we can offer a comprehensive range and solutions

Garden Watering

At TWAM Agriculture, we are able to design, install and maintain the irrigation systems required for most gardens.

Smaller pop-ups or adjustable flow spray on are spikes inserted around the required watering the area alternative is drip irrigation.


Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is an efficient method of watering. The system works by ‘Dripping’ the water directly onto the soil slowly. Leaky pipe can be laid onto the surface of the soil or it can be partially covered just beneath with a layer of mulch. The pipe has small adjustable drip heads inserted either randomly along the pipe or positioned beneath plants 

. Seep hose, has lots of tiny holes along the of length the pipe and the water seeps onto the soil. This type of pipe tends to be buried beneath the surface of the soil.


Sports and Turf Irrigation

TWAM Agriculture offers a wide range of turf watering solutions and services. A design and full system supply with installation from our friendly fully trained staff and service agreements tailored to the individual sites requirements. Our staffs are on hand to visit the site to offer you the very best options either to repair, upgrade to existing systems or complete new systems.


Agriculture Irrigation

TWAM Agriculture can design, supply and install irrigation systems to suit many crops from large boom irrigation to drip irrigation for high quality fruit and vegetables to sprinkler systems for low precipitation rates overhead irrigation


Water Storage Solutions

We are one of the leading companies in the supply and build of water storage solution, using galvanized steel water storage tanks; Plastic molded tanks, GRP type tanks and lined lagoon reservoirs



Twam’s involvement in Road works projects in the Capital Region and Western region. Twam is proved to be part of traffic and Logistics Solution of the UAE.


In the field of Landscaping our services range from the development of the overall garden design concept, to design and implementing soft and hard landscaping, which includes choosing the right plants, laying lawns and pathways as well as installing irrigation systems and providing maintenance.


Twam agriculture has sub-contracting department for the water feature.

The complete design-build experience as contractor as well as regularly work with architecture and consulting firms as designers. We provide start to finish advice and expertise to enhance and complete any project. We work to develop specific project requirements, schedules and deadlines that serve the client and the project. 


Twam have leading Signage and Graphic design and way finding Sub contractors & custom fabricator of retail and architectural signage and displays and way finding requirements, fulfilling all aspects of large format printing, branding, bespoke

signage fabrication and manufacturing of stands & kiosks internal and external Signage, Graphic Design, Wide Format Printing, Vehicle Wraps and graphics, Roller Banners and Pop up display systems, Window and wall graphics, Point of Sale products, Architectural Signage & Custom Display products etc.


Sewer & Sewerage works have been one of our expertise range of services, since the beginning and over these years we have laid over 200 km of pipelines for various Government and Private Entity jobs. 

Twam is proved to be part of the continual process on sewer, sewerage, and storm water.

We love what we do and it shows in our impressive portfolio, which stands as a testimony to the outcomes we’ve achieved and our passion for innovation and continuous improvement. Here is a list of clients we’ve successfully served across Government and Private sectors:

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